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Hi Gail,

I was researching on some topics of Spiritism when i came across your website & found myself reading every word you have written on your journey to the Philippines especially your experiences with the Spiritists. Having to read that, gave me a real picture of what i havent witnessed yet myself -- the spiritual operation. I am a filipina Spiritist, who has lived in Canada for more than 8 yrs. I just hope that the same spiritual powers of healers then in my homeland of which you have witnessed will be seen again in my generation.

I & fellow Espiritistas are hoping to re-build & organize Spiritism as pure as it has started in 1906. In view of this, I and few members of the group from provinces of Canada have been missioning few centers found to have started their spiritual services. We will be visiting fellow Espiritistas in San Diego, California this 23-25th of Nov. 2007. We are trying to find more Espiritistas all across the country both in Canada & USA to organize Spiritism and humbly continue the works of the Holy Spirit.

Again thank you for writing your experiences. Hope to hear from you.

With Blessings & Gratitude,

Lhen Infante
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