Philippines Photo Gallery

Gail Howard photo gallery is an album of her photographs of the Philippines. See images of her travel adventures with the psychic healers of the Philippines, where she is actually operated on by psychic surgeons. See Gail's amazing photos of psychic surgery operations and more. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture.

Philippines Images
Posted by Gail Howard
Bombed Barracks Cannon on Corrigedor
War Map of Southeast Asia 1941-1942 Gail Howard reading names of dead soldiers
Houses on Stilts Houses on Stilts
Houseboat Fort Pilar
Fort Pilar Cockfight
Bar-B-Que Chickens on poles Pig on a spit
Mindinao Fire behind my hotel
Della Perez and her son Guillermo Tolentino
Niece, Mrs. Pangan, Tolentino, Della Psychic surgery
Gail Howard undergoing spiritual surgery by Juan Blanche Psychic surgeons operating on Gail Howard
Psychic surgeons operating on Gail Howard Gail Howard after psychic surgery
FATE Magazine March 1966 issue with article about Juan Blanche operating on Teru McPhie's eyes Contract I signed with Spirit to make a sacrificial mission to Pangasinan
Gail Howard with broken arm in cast talking to a native Igorot
Philippines Photos posted by Gail Howard
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